New York Jazz Congress conversations on the future of Jazz - Pursuit of Jazz
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New York Jazz Congress conversations on the future of Jazz

By Zuko Komisa
Kaya FM

The New York jazz scene is well known for it’s influence in the careers of many a musician; fitting, considering the reality that it remains the epicenter of Jazz in the world.

Every year jazz lovers, musicians, and industry heavyweights congregate to the Jazz at Lincoln Center for an annual Jazz congress. The congress combines the best minds in the business to exchange ideas that aims to both nurture and grow the jazz community.

This year was not any different, with panel discussions covering important conversations about the cross pollination of jazz with other genres, copy righting and licensing, jazz music online as well as making space for transgender voices just to name a few.

Kaya FM sat through some of these conversation in quests to uncover the direction the jazz industry is taking as well new ideas from both new entrants and veterans of the industry. At the center of all the conversations was a strong sense of exploration innovative means to grow audiences in the world over, especially with the technological advancements happening everyday.

There was also a presentation of Louis’ contributions to music and civil rights in our society along with a panel with Miles Davis’ ‘70s electric band member taking us down memory lane. The congress was a insightful stop in our pursuit of jazz in New York City.

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Written By: Zuko